Pita Potle is owned by George Tabanji and his family. George has brought joy with his food to so many people across the country since 1990. He is known to be #1 in authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and in many other types of food as well and his recipes are beyond flavorful. The idea for Pita Potle came about during a festival where he quickly realized how much people enjoyed the food concept and continued to come back for more. Pita Potle is not your ordinary place to grab some grub. Our main goal is to provide incredible taste at a modest price point so that we can connect real people to real food. We strive to obtain the most delicious food no matter the combination. We, also, believe the choices that we make about what we eat and how it’s prepared have a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, that is why the vast majority of our food is prepared fresh daily. We choose to always provide our customers with the best customer service, the best food, and the best atmosphere. We want to make sure everyone who comes in to our place knows that we do not look at them as a transaction but as an addition to our Pita Potle family. So, come in, enjoy, and make sure to come back and visit us soon.